Damask Rose Light


London Light


Flower notes with an emphasis on the rose


Maceration, steam infusion


700 ml


23,5 vol. %


For centuries, the queen of the gardens has been inspiring with her divine grace, enchanting you with her unique colors, and this time, she will become the queen of a new brew of divine elixir with the merger of the BLED ROSE Hotel and the Heaven & Hell Gin. The crystal flower, crafted by the divine gatekeeper himself, will shine as the brightest and strongest light in Heaven. And this very flower will awaken all the good that has been hidden beneath the flames of immortal evil. Heavenly Rose Gin.

The traditional distillation of perfection has captured 47 different, 100% natural botanicals brought together in a sophisticated combination.

Heaven & Hell Gin brings an unforgettable story of unique flavors.


Production process

The embrace of the roses is left to diffuse the flavors of 46 herbs in the intoxication of different time periods. Aging is our ally, bringing out the finest poetry from every herb. In a gentle, slow distillation process, the three predominant flavors are evoked from the juniper base, mixed with the best demineralized water, which is combined to a 47% alcohol content after 47 days of further aging. The key to our ultimate success is the timing and gentleness of the magical potion.


Mixture of flavors

The angel of the rose left a delicate pink color and flavor as it rose from the ashes towards the sky. The taste of the rose awakened all the good that was hidden beneath the endless flames of evil.