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Tasting the flavors of Prlekija in Ljutomer with a taste of Heaven & Hell Kocbek Gin

In May 2023, there was a special day for all culinary lovers, as the "Tastes of Prlekija" event was held in Ljutomer, where the Kocbek Oil Mill presented their products. The highlight of the evening was the performance of Heaven & Hell – Kocbek Gin, which took the visitors on a culinary journey of exquisite tastes.

The story of Tastes of Prlekija was presented in a unique way, where pumpkin seed oil and seeds from the Kocbek Oil Mill played a key role among many providers. Visitors were able to enjoy a variety of culinary delights that reflected tradition and innovation of Prlekija region. But the real sensation of the evening was Heaven & Hell - Kocbek Gin, which impressed everyone.

The taste of pumpkin gin was truly an exceptional experience for the taste buds of visitors. The harmonious combination of pumpkin notes, spices and carefully selected ingredients created an extremely rich taste that left a lasting impression. The excitement about Heaven & Hell - Kocbek Gin spread among visitors who were proud to discover a unique drink.

For those of you who missed this unique experience, we invite you to visit the Kocbek Oil Mill and try the Heaven & Hell Gin collection. We promise you'll be thrilled with the flavors and experiences.