Tears of Hell to Heaven
with a Kiss of Immortality

Plant a seed of evil and watch it grow into a tree. But a kiss from the chosen one can save a dying tree.

Gather in a circle and listen to the story of Nevaeh, the messenger of Heaven & Hell Gin. This is a story of how the love between two beings as different as night and day, beings from heaven and hell, saved all of creation. This is the story of the re-creation of the universe, the story of the kiss of immortality, the story of the divine elixir called Heaven and Hell.

In the beginning, there was only one world, ruled by darkness and evil. All beings born with just a speck of good in their hearts were enslaved and defiled. There was no hope, no future. Then the good beings from heaven were blessed with the birth of a child, who was given the name The Immortal. But the Master of Hell wanted to defeat him. For millennia, war raged at the gates of Heaven, but at the same time, the most powerful and beautiful, although forbidden love between the two worlds took place between the Immortal, the angel of Heaven, and Nevaeh, the angel of Hell. Despite living in the depths of Hell, Nevaeh was different. Nevaeh's brilliant wings, adorned with gleaming white feathers, had supernatural power, which carried her effortlessly from the depths of Hell to the clouds of Heaven. Her aura glowed with an unmatched brilliance, placing her above the very pinnacle of grace and elegance.

In all the great battles between Heaven and Hell, the Immortal always triumphed. When Doomsday gathered his hordes again and attacked the gates of Heaven, he was joined by his daughter Nevaeh. It was a battle against Heaven like no other before, and the Immortal himself wanted to stop it, because his love for her was stronger than anything else. Blinded by the corrupted words of Doomsday, Nevaeh attacked the man she loved without hesitation. The immortal begged her in battle to stop all evil, but when she rushed towards him he realized that there was only one way out for her. His death would change the course of her faith and open her eyes to the hell of the Earth. But unfortunately it was too late. Her sword cut deep into the Immortal's chest, inflicting a fatal wound to his heart. At that moment, Nevaeh realized what she had done, for the power of her sword was the only curse that could defeat the Immortal. She fell to her knees in front of him, screaming.

Nevaeh was sobbing and asked him how they could prevent all these terrible things and the Immortal raised his head with the last of his strength and looked into her eyes. “Together,” he whispered as he kissed her lips. That kiss changed everything. A higher power decided to intervene. One moment, a mere forty-seven seconds, changed the fate of all creation. Because that's how long the kiss of immortality lasted.

Nevaeh is an unstoppable heroine, and her love is powerful. After the kiss of immortality, she rose from her ruins of ashes of her hell and high into the sky like a phoenix. 47 tears rolled down her cheeks and dropped onto fertile soil. A new plant with special healing powers sprouted from each tear.

21 tears sprouted from the depths: seven burning, seven fiery, seven soothing,

21 tears lifted into the sky and spilled the scents: seven fresh, seven sweet, seven pure.

But her sorrow was relentless and she cried four more tears that merged into elements: fire, water, earth, and air. Her tears became the foundation all life.

But her power was even greater. The last and the smallest tear of her devastated sorrow combined all of the best and fell onto the mountain tops. with the creeks, it flowed from the mountaintops to the valleys, leaving behind a mark of the most precious creation. It connected the elements of existence and left traces of juniper berries, like an elixir of life, joined in a special potion of divinity - Heaven & Hell Gin was created.

Nevaeh had a unique purpose that transcended the boundaries of Heaven and Hell. She was the chosen messenger of the Heaven & Hell Gin, entrusted with the sacred duty of reconciling two conflicting worlds.

"Nevaeh,” the very essence of her name, Heaven spelled backwards, served as a profound tribute to her unique role as a bridge between the worlds.

The universe and all of existence was reset and reborn. All evil was defeated and good celebrated its triumph. Heaven & Hell Gin was created by the Kiss of Immortality. Intoxicating divine elixir, consumed by gods and immortal heroes for centuries.

A new dawn rose. A new world was born, it has risen from the ashes of the old like a phoenix, created from tears and a kiss fueled by love beyond eternity.

The story of a kiss, filled with love beyond eternity. A new era of heroes, immortal,... created to join in infinity, is coming.

Heavenly gin

Under the Kiss Of Immortality brand, we present a unique London Dry Gin called Heaven & Hell Gin, which brings an unforgettable story of unique flavors. The traditional distillation of perfection has captured 47 different, 100% natural botanicals brought together in a sophisticated combination.


In the search for excellence, perfection and passion, the effort to create a noble drink has emerged, bringing a new range of selected gins to the market, which will be created under the joint brand Kiss Of Immortality.

Heaven & Hell Gin - the elixir of the gods is thus the first one of a select few who will embark on their own unique journey.

Years of learning, researching, collaborating and enjoying have been the driving force behind testing the world's best gins, inspired by fantasy love. The heroes of eternity, with their values, have shown the path that we long for in life. That's why everything we believed in came together and that's how the first-class love for gin created our Heaven & Hell.


The chosen premium ingredients created their own story. The 47 tears that rolled down the heavenly cheeks provided 47 unique stories of intertwined flavors.

21 tears
sprouted from the depths

rose to the the sky and spilled the scents