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“From Dubai to Slovenia” with Heaven & Hell Kocbek Gin

An inspiring culinary journey “From Dubai to Slovenia” at the Kocbek Oil Mill with top chef, Chef Georges Chicane!

All lovers of world-class cuisine witnessed an exceptional experience when Chef Georges Chicane from Dubai conjured up an exceptional 9-course menu in cooperation with pumpkin seed oil, premium wines, and Heaven & Hell Kocbek Gin at the Kocbek Oil Mill.

Each dish was a true masterpiece, crafted with precision and passion, showcasing the skills and know-how of Chef Chicano.

We were extremely impressed with the taste of pumpkin pulp cocktail, seeds and Heaven & Hell Gin.

The truly exceptional combination of pumpkin flavors and textures led us into the world of culinary delights. The Kocbek Oil Mill's pumpkin seed oil and seeds added richness and uniqueness to dishes, perfectly complementing the selected flavors of Heaven & Hell Kocbek Gin. Every single bite was an explosion of flavors that brought us immense delight and indulgence.

With his exceptional creativity and experience in the culinary world, Chef Chicane created an exceptional menu that took us on a true culinary journey. Each dish has captivated with its sophistication, aesthetics and exceptional harmony of flavors, from starters to desserts.

Let's express our gratitude to Chef Georges Chicane for his exceptional creativity and innovation, Oljarna Kocbek for their quality pumpkin products, and Heaven & Hell Gin for the perfect accompaniment.